Pere Marquette River Fishing

World-class Pere Marquette River fly fishing in Northwest Michigan!

The Pere Marquette River is a world famous fly fisherman’s dream come true. This river is full of trout and steelhead year round with salmon running in September through the end of October.

Pere Marquette Fly FishingPere Marquette River FishingFly Fishing on the Pere Marquette River

The PM River was named after Father Jacques Marquette who explored the river in the early 1800’s. He died at the mouth of the river where it meets lake Michigan and was buried in the area. The Pere Marquette River is one of the only free flowing rivers in the state giving salmon and steelhead free roam to find their spawning gravel.

In 1884 German brown trout were introduced to the river, by fishing culturalist Fred Mather, giving the river system the first brown trout stocking in U.S. history. Come fish these browns from early May on streamers for some explosive action, and then try them on the dry flies from late May through mid July. In August try the many terrestrials that the browns will chase.

Summer on the Pere Marquette RiverFall on the Pere Marquette RiverWinter on the Pere Marquette River

World Famous Pere Marquette River Fly Fishing!

In 1883 25,000 McCloud River steelhead were introduced to the Little South Branch of the Pere Marquette River system. If these men would have known how world famous they made this water system, they would not believe it. They made Pere Marquette River fly fishing world famous.

Steelhead Year Round

You can fish these steelhead year round. We have summer run skamania and then as the salmon are dying off the steelhead begin to migrate up the river system in late October right through the spring. Book today for a fall steelhead trip. It is a great experience to hook up with these explosive silver bullets.

Finally in mid March through early May, the steelhead show up in good numbers for great action on the fly. Chinook (or king salmon) begin their migration up stream in late August and can be fished all the way through October. These fish are wild, mean and crazy when hooked up. Pere Marquette River fly fishing is some of the best out there!